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“A string that I unwind...”

By now, you know that I experience a lot of fear of the unknown.

There is the fear for the future of our planet, our society, our politics. But there is a more personal fear -- that I will not have the time and space in my life to pursue all of my dreams and still form and maintain meaningful relationships with those whom are dearest to me.

But, of course, I experience plenty of moments of joy and freedom -- often brought on by being in a beautiful place, or just spending time with old friends -- when I am fully present in my body and my mind is no longer dictating my feelings.  

These are the moments when I am most myself.  When I am living without fear.


A naked mind
Is all the better for me
To make it out
From under the world

A naked heart
Is so I finally can see
Into the deepest part of
What makes you and me

A naked body
Is a string that I unwind
Slowly seeking the center
Until I reach the end of the line

A naked soul
What about it makes me shrivel up and fold
So easily? Could it really be
The only thing keeping me

Naked (demo)

Photo by Sarah Kathryn Wainwright

Photo by Sarah Kathryn Wainwright


“We are nothing special in the animal kingdom: we have no immortal soul; there is no essential human ‘self’; our thoughts and emotions are the product of electrochemical impulses which can, in principle, be modeled by the formal-problem solving rules we call algorithms; our bodily frames and mental capacities have evolved over time and there is nothing fixed in our ‘nature.’ The only thing that can be predicted with certainty about human nature is that it will change.”

- Yuval Havari, (Homo Deus)   


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