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They Can’t Ever Break Your Heart

“Don’t worry ‘bout a thing, babe…”

For bette or worse, I consider myself a skeptic. I’m skeptical of the institutions in power and I’m skeptical of the status quo. I try to keep a distance from the things in my country and my culture that I find problematic. I know what I’m being sold. I’ve seen the man behind the curtain.   

Whether it’s what I spend my money on, what I eat, how much energy I use, or, of course, who I vote for, it’s important for me to reflect on my decisions and try to peel back the layers so I can live more consciously and with more intention. And it’s important to talk about these issues with other people so that we can collectively move towards a healthier, more equitable society.  

But I also have to remember that, as much as I care about these massive issues, I can’t let them consume me. I can’t let them bring me down. I can’t let them break my heart. Because at the end of the day, it’s all just fear about the consequences of things that I have very little control over.


And a thousand hungry eyes are slyly watching you from the dark
With a thousand wretched voices slowly picking you apart
They’re breaking down the doors just to say you’ll never make the mark
But don’t you worry bout a thing, babe, cause they can’t ever break your heart

And the faces cracked and smiling from the advertisement dare you to defy
And the beating in your chest feels criminal but you don’t know why
You’re trapped between a siren and a song and all you wanna do is cry, cry, cry
But don’t you worry bout a thing, babe, cause they can’t ever make you lie

There’s an aching when you walk cause you’re living with your back against the wall
And all the noise and all the talk that fills your head is bouncing round like a rubber ball
It pings you and it strings you out like a junky when you miss just one damn call
But you don’t worry bout a thing, babe, you ain’t missing anything at all

They tear you up every time you sing about what you’re dreaming of
But the wheels they keep on turning in your head as you’re licking off the blood
You feel it as it’s dripping down your spine and you shiver like the first time you stepped into the sun
So don’t you worry bout a thing, babe, cause you know how it feels to be in love

There’s a faint light in the east but you’re still left groping in the dark
While you’re waiting for the world to turn and stand up for the mothers and the children’s babies’ children who won’t even get a chance to believe in god
When you feel like dying just go right back to the start
Cause they can’t ever break you
No, don’t let ‘em break you
Cause they can’t ever break, no
They can’t ever break your heart

The Water and The Pine

“If there ever was a spirit...”

Music has always been a spiritual endeavor for me.  It overwhelms me with joy and shakes me to my core. And while I tend to explore a lot of heavy things in my own music, the act of creating it is celebratory.  It is life-affirming.

The most important lesson that creating music has helped me learn is that I cannot live my life by making decisions out of fear.  Making music is something I have to do fearlessly. I have to allow myself to make mistakes and try new things in order to get better.  But I cannot allow myself to doubt my abilities and my vision.

The world is full of reasons to be fearful. There is sadness and pain.  There is struggle and suffering. But in all of that darkness there is light.  Beauty. Mystery. There is love.

The only thing I have to fear is forgetting that I have a choice. I can choose to connect with other people.  I can choose to seek understanding and empathy. I can choose gratitude. I can choose kindness and compassion, both for myself and for others.

I can choose love over fear.


I was wandering as a free man in the valley of the pine
Down the banks that hold the old growth stretching back across the time
I was lonesome, I was thirsty with no lover to my name
But when I knelt beside the water, that is when my lover came

She was handsome as a hemlock with a sunbeam for a smile
And she knelt down right beside me, and she said she’d stay awhile
In the water, in the water, she did dip my weary crown
But when I came up for to see her she was nowhere to be found

Oh my true love, oh my true love, wherever did you go?
I am waiting in the water for your pretty head to show
Come now softly, come now softly to my bed under the pine
I am waiting, oh my true love, for your true love to be mine

Hallelujah, hallelujah, oh there is no other way
For a man who’s known a lover to regain his former days
If there ever was a spirit or a savior in the sky
Let her come down to the water, to the water and the pine

The Water and The Pine (Live From A Church)


“If the 20th century was the century of the straight line, of a yang rationality, of modernism and abstraction, then the 21st century will be the century of the curve, of yin, of harmony and building with nature.  And if we don’t get it right, if we cannot recover our innate empathy, find balance and come up with a new tone, a new mood, a new aesthetic to live by, then it will be a century of hubris, brutality and mayhem on a scale the world has never seen before.”

- Kalle Lasn  


Thank you so much for going on this journey with me! Did you have fun?? Let me know!