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Sometimes we try
Too hard to find a way
To make tomorrow come today
And I realize
What you said is what you meant
I know there are no accidents

Stand up don’t cry
What is gone is gone for good
Despite the tears and sweat and blood
And I realize
Wings beat with the stereo
Fly out to Ontario

Death in time is perfect
Wonder when I’ll go
Fear and lies is religion
Cause only heaven knows

Breathe out, breathe in
Fill the space inside your chest
Something simple’s always best
Don’t shout, dig in
Wings beat with the stereo
Fly out to Ontario


"Ontario" is the oldest song on the album.  It was one of the few songs that I wrote while I was in college that I thought was worth holding on to.  This version was originally recorded in 2008 for an audio production class that I was taking at the time. It's a very similar arrangement to the version that I included on the album, but there are a few subtle differences in the lyric. 

I'm not sure I fully understood what this lyric was about when I wrote it, but I knew that I liked the feelings and images that it evoked.  Now, looking back, I think I almost was anticipating that I would one day move somewhere far from home and that doing so would be a scary, uncomfortable thing... but also that it would be wonderfully new and exciting.  

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