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What You Took


A mirror and a razorblade
Are all that I have left for you
I didn’t leave a penny in that old penny jar
Or a stack of bills all sealed and paid in full
I didn’t leave a letter, handwritten and hidden
in the pages of your favorite book
I didn’t leave one damn thing
And I sold my wedding ring
I’m just making up for what you took

I didn’t leave the bottle of blood red wine
That you were saving for a rainy day
I didn’t leave an address or a telephone line
Or a map, so that you can find your way
I didn’t leave the photograph of the night that we first met
When you held me until I no longer shook
I didn’t leave it cause I know
You’ll miss it more than me and so
I’m just making up for what you took

What you took will never be the same
And I thought that I could change it just by calling out your name
But that feels so long ago
Now that I have stepped outside your door

You’ll find me gone when you wake up sometime
In the middle of the next century
And I’ll bet the man you’re sleeping with won’t even know a thing
About the fire that you felt with me
And maybe some cold night when you’re shivering all alone
You’ll peer out that front window and look
For someone to let in
To your cold heart once again
Someone holding out for what you took

Someone to set you free
But that someone, it ain’t me
I’ll be making up for what you took



I’m headed down to Texas gonna find myself a girl
And try to make her fit into my heaven
Cause there’s gotta be somebody in this God forsaken world
That can find a way to put me back together
And I hear there’s lots of women there to make you feel
like you are on the right side of the tracks again
I’m headed down to Texas gonna find myself a girl
to release me from all that I have been

And maybe she will save my life
Maybe she will save my life

Headed down to Mexico and it don’t mean a thing
That I don’t speak a word of chicano
Cause I’ll find a dark-skinned beauty and present her with a ring
And put it on her little finger pronto
And if I’m lucky she won’t understand me when I sing about
the reasons I spend my whole night crying
I ain’t afraid of drug lords and I ain’t afraid of love
cause I ain’t living so I best get busy dying

And maybe she will save my life
Maybe she will save my life


I love singing in churches.  They're designed to amplify sound and make everything seem larger and louder than it is.  I love hearing my voice reflected back at me in those kinds of spaces; I can actually hear the different notes and frequencies change over time and blend together, which makes singing a kind of otherworldly experience.  The space actually becomes part of the song. This video was filmed at All Pilgrims Christian Church in Seattle, a space that I've had the good fortune of singing and recording in on several occasions.