A synthesis of elements from several generations of folk, yet with an inclination to extend far past the boundaries of traditional folk songwriting, Faint Peter’s Redoubt is ambitious and unpredictable. Thickly layered harmonies evolve around cycling chord structures. Barebones arrangements blossom into dense, cinematic ambience. With a lyrical ear to matters both material and mystical, delivered in a voice that can at times be fearsome – and at others, well, faint – these are songs of tenderness and grit, triumph and loneliness, rising and falling.  They shimmer and glow and open doors into other worlds while keeping one foot in this one, the soundtrack to that curious, fleeting moment between consciousness and dreams.  

The collection of nine songs was recorded almost exclusively on a portable studio set up in various living rooms and basements around Seattle, with notable local players such as Philip Kobernik (Hey Marseilles) and Greg Kramer (Macklemore, Otieno Terry) lending their stylings and expertise along the way.  A nearly two year undertaking, the album is now available on all streaming services. You can also purchase it here.