Are we moving too fast?

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about how many people there are in the world, living their own lives that are just as rich and complex as yours? How many people are being born at this very moment? Or conceived? How many people are dying?

What about how much food we eat? How much we throw out? How many trucks that avocado has traveled on to get from its tree to your vegan quinoa burger at the hip new spot down the street?

Have you ever wondered how it is that your life can be so full of “things” -- your job, your relationship, your favorite TV shows, your nights out at the bar, your weekend trips, your cat -- and yet it somehow still feels like it’s not enough? How can there still be something missing?

Have you ever wanted to forget about all of it?  Have you ever wanted to just slow down?


Nice and Slow

There’s a hole in the center of the great white world
And we’re only gonna dig it down
There’s an army of spies and our diamond eyes
Set a mile and a half underground
And our pockets fill up
And our pockets fall out
And the sun and the water will rise no doubt
And the wind and the rain and the hurricanes
Will scatter our cats and dogs about, I know
Ooh, it’s what we’re asking for

I grew up in the land of the lemonade stand
But it never got as sticky as this
And I still am drinking it every day
But I swear it tastes a lot like piss
Cause I get from a man in another state
Who buys it by the ton at a better rate
And ships it out here right to my plate
But they just don’t make it like they used to make it, no
Ooh, nice and slow

There’s a hole in the center of the deep blue sea
And we’re never gonna fill it up
There’s a girl back home and she cares for me
But these days it’s never enough
So I work real hard, I make mistakes
I learn just a little bit of give and take
And I need her so bad my body aches
But we just don’t make it like we used to make it, no
Ooh nice and slow